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  • Ribbon Dance is based on an old, colorful Chinese dance. In Twinson Company's version each of many performers holds a ribbon stick and in unison makes the ribbon dance to the beat of a Chinese chant. The ribbon stick is a varnished dowel with a wide 12 foot brightly colored polyethylene ribbon attached. The instruction album, CD or cassette teaches the Chinese chant (English verse, too) and the dance, which is an audience pleaser and looks much more difficult than it really is. A group performance steals the show! Music included is divided into three parts--instruction music, practice music, and performance music.
  • NEW...Stars & Stripes ribbon stick for that patriotic performance. Packed 12 to a box. Ribbons are 5 feet long and 3 inches wide (each stick has the same red, white, and blue stars ribbon, white on the back side). Easy for any age to maneuver. Instruction sheet included. $24 per box plus shipping.
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  • Instruction cassette , CD or album with 12 instruction sheets
  • 12 ribbon sticks (4 diff. colors)(ship. wt. 2 lbs.)or 12 ribbon rings for younger children ) NEW